Ideas inspire actions. Actions transform the world.

Video Series

How do we want to shape the world?

A series on Goetheanum TV

How do we want to shape the world? The question sounds presumptuous. But it is very real: it is we who are poisoning the soil, air and water, oppressing people and producing wealth alongside poverty. And we are the ones who can change that. Nobody else.

I want to meet people to get to know viable thoughts for a new world. For this I meet people and ask them: How do we want to shape the world?

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✪ Renew economy and society

A series on Goetheanum TV

Money determines our lives and actions, far more than we want. Everything depends on money, everything pushes towards money. Profit is considered the most important goal of the economy, money the decisive measure of value. Those who don't have money - or not enough - don't have a good life.

What were the ideas that Rudolf Steiner developed 100 years ago in his 'National Economic Course'? Can they contribute to the transformation that is so urgently needed right now?

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The world from inside · Live conversations

A series on Goetheanum TV

Anthroposophists are interesting people. They are always great for giving new, surprising perspectives. They are mindful of the earth, of life, of people and of money. We owe them ethical banks, biodynamic agriculture, Waldorf schools, curative education, anthroposophical medicine and much more.

But now, in the pandemic, they often appear as remote weirdos. At least that's what people like to say. Or maybe they just bring new, different insights that need attention and time to understand - what is it precisely that is painfully missing in the polarizing public debates?

This series is in german.

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Various recordings

Some are in German, some are in English.

A lecture by Gerald Häfner about The Future of Society

Organized by the Anthroposophical Society in the Netherlands on March 18, 2022 in Congress Centre Antropia in Driebergen.

Die Soziale Dreigliederung

Eine Antwort auf die brennenden Fragen unserer Zeit? – Gerald Häfner am 05.04.2019 in Stuttgart

Albert Schmelzer

Die historische Dreigliederungsbewegung – Vortrag zum 100 jährigen Jubiläum der Dreigliederung

100 Jahre Soziale Dreigliederung

Die Doku zur Veranstaltung vom 5.-7.4.2019

Wie man die EU demokratischer gestaltet

Ein Interview mit Gerald Häfner durch Democracy International.

Joan Sleigh

Über „Empathie“

Ute Craemer

im Forum Sozialinitiative in Japan, 2018.

Waldorfschulen und die Dreigliederung

Gerald Häfner zum Festakt von Waldorf 100 in Berlin.

Waldorfschule und die drängenden Aufgaben der Zukunft

Gerald Häfner beim Waldorf 100 Festakt (2019) in der Hamburger Laeiszhalle.

Gerald Häfners Festaktrede

zum 50jährigen Bestehen des PSZD

Videoreihe von Stephan Eisenhut zur Dreigliederung

Einleitung in die Idee der Dreigliederung des sozialen Organismus.

Europagedanke: Menschliche Gesellschaft

Gerald Häfner | 30.10.21 | Palais Großer Garten, Dresden

Sekem Tag

Vortrag von Gerald Häfner zum Sekem Tag in Deutschland, Oktober 2021

Aktualität der Anthroposophie

Gerald Häfner (März 2021)

3Folding Interview

Joan Sleigh

3Folding Interview

Tho Ha Vinh

3Folding Interview

Helmy Abouleish

3Folding Interview

Sundeep Kamath